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Sat. Nov. 24th & Sun. Nov. 25th
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Judy Bobsin

Studio FOUR
"Copenhagen" photograph by Judy Bobsin
Judy may be contacted at
Judy Bobsin was born in Berlin, Germany, coming to Canada in 1955. She has lived in Toronto and Mississauga, moving to Aurora, Ontario in 2004, where she is now residing. She is a member of SOYRA
 (Society of York Region Artists) and has exhibited in local shows.

Nature is her greatest inspiration. With so much beauty around us, whether only a common flower or insect, she considers nature the greatest existing work of art and tries to capture a small portion of it. Photography is presently her medium of choice, although she also enjoys painting with oils, water colours, acrylic and sketching with pastels and charcoal.

Judy enjoys going for hikes, as well as canoeing or kayaking in the wilderness, taking photos of the flora and fauna. A small insect is as much of interest as a large animal.

When she travels, she takes photos of different landscapes, native people and exotic animals. Indigenous people are also favourite subjects for her.

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