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Sat. Nov. 24th & Sun. Nov. 25th
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Amy McNeill

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Little Potje by Amy McNeill
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Amy McNeill

Little Potje Ceramics is all about making good things to love, to last, share, use, and pass down to future generations.

I've been making ceramic tableware for 6 years, enjoying hand building and throwing robust, full-bodied tableware and vessels made to withstand years of use and love. I am motivated strongly by my personal experience of losing loved ones who made their livings as makers. Every pot, bowl and vessel I throw is dedicated to my family who collectively raised me to have a strong work ethic and dedication to quality craftsmanship.

Earlier in 2017, I lost my uncle and my grandfather within the span of a few weeks. It was a tough time for our family, but we found ways to grieve together and form greater bonds with one another.  Having seen my uncle and grandpa make their livings as tool, dye and woodworkers, I knew not only was taking my craft into business possible, but it was also inviting me, motivating me, and letting me find purpose after such a loss. During that time, my grandma would come over to my parents’ house - my studio at the time - to check out what I was up to in the garage. Her English and Dutch mixed into calling the forms I was throwing on the wheel "little potjes.”

At the end of the day, Little Potje Ceramics is all about family. It’s about sitting down together to a Sunday dinner, or making each other a cup of tea after a long work day. My plates, bowls, and mugs are there to make these moments spent with the people who we love the most (and drive us nuts) that much sweeter, stronger, and special.
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