Rodrigues, Willo - Aurora Studio Tour

Sat. Nov. 24th & Sun. Nov. 25th
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Willo Rodrigues 

Studio FOUR
"In the mist of traffic" Watercolour by Willo Rodrigues
Guest Artist  Multi Media

Willo Rodrigues was born November 18, 1946 in Hong Kong of Chinese-Portuguese parents. Her sensitivity, talent and gentle touch developed at a very early age in the colourful, traditional and conservative Orient. Inspired by nature and by God, as well as her own exploration and discovery, Willo was drawn to express the subtleties of colour, fantasy, and emotion. She studied at The Ontario College of Art, graduating in 1974. Ever since, she has continuously experimented with myriad techniques to translate her unique vision and inspiration onto a canvas.

Many of her inspirations originated from her experiences while travelling through Asia, Europe and North America. Through her exploration she discovered her talent for fine detail coming from her complex personality and simple, elegant presence. This open-minded mature artist has been able to preserve the child-like qualities revealed in many of her visions - a capacity which allows her to gently transform the elements in her imagination to create an illusion and waterfall of emotions, which deliver a full spectrum of interpretation.

For some, it is just a picture; for some it is a healing experience, indirectly guiding you inside yourself, to seek peace, tranquility and harmony in your life.

Willo has been a successful artist whose art is a delight for many. Her art has been shown at many art shows as well as featured in galleries and private collections around the world.

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