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Sat. Nov. 24th & Sun. Nov. 25th
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Jim Jackson

Studio FOUR
"Tree M" by Jim Jackson

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Jim Jackson

Big Bear Photography


Jim Jackson:     Photography Resume, 2018.

Jim Jackson is a creative, experienced photographer who captures some beautiful and unique landscapes.  Jim has a good ability to capture scenes of wildlife, rural scenes and nature.  He has a strong command for the composition of a photo and being able to be at the right spot for a shot.  Jim’s photographs are from his travelling journeys in Canada and Europe.

Jim has displayed his photos in The Toronto City Hall Art Show, (1980, St. Andrew’s College, professional medical offices, Barrister’s Lounge, Newmarket Court House, (2017-18), the Aurora Cultural Center, (2017-18) and the Town Hall of Aurora, (2017- 18).   Jim joined the Society of York Region Artists, (SOYRA), in 2017.

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